• So what is the date again?

    Saturday, May 6th, at 4.15am - that's very, very early on Saturday morning, after you've an early night on Friday! 

  • Who can participate?

    Everyone is welcome. However, children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

  • How much does it cost to participate?

    Click here to find your venue. On the page of your venue you will find the costs to participate in Darkness Into Light. 

  • Can I register on the morning?

    Yes, you can register on the morning. However, we strongly advise you to register online in March or after. If you register on the morning, you will probably not receive a t-shirt and you will have to arrive much earlier - and therefore stand out in the cold and dark much longer than necessary!

  • How do I register online?

     Registration is simple -- just click here, select the venue nearest you, go to the event page and click on "register now" button on the event page. You will be guided through the registration process and, once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. You can then set up your own personal fundraising page and begin fundraising!

  • At what time should I arrive?

    We ask that everyone arrive at least 45 minutes before it starts.

  • How long will the event take?

    It usually takes about 25 minutes for a runner to complete the circuit. Most walkers will do it in about an hour.

  • Do I have to run?

    No, this event is NOT a race! It is to be enjoyed and completed at your own pace.

  • But can I run if I want to?

    Of course! Runners will be allowed start first, followed shortly by the walkers.

  • Will there be timing chips available?

    No timing chips will be issued as this is NOT a race.

  • What should I wear?

    Dress warmly. Layers are a good idea, and some kind of waterproof jacket too. You may not need a hat, scarf and gloves during the event, but you will before and after! Also, if you can at all... bring a torch!

  • When do I get my T-shirt?

    T-shirts can be collected at a registration event or a t-shirt pick-up event in your specified area when registering. Alternatively, if you have registered online, t-shirts can also be collected at registration events or a t-shirt pick-up event in your specified area - please bring along booking confirmation in this instance.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Yes, dogs on a lead are very welcome - we just ask that you keep them on their lead and clean up after them. Remember that there will be children and other dogs around so they must be friendly!

  • I’m from Kerry but I will be in Dublin that weekend – can I participate in one of the Dublin venues?

    Of course! You can register to participate at any location as long as you have registered in advance.

  • Do I need to bring cash money?

    No, you have no need to bring cash with you. Online registration means you won't have to carry any money around on the day!

  • Will there be beverage and food facilities?

    Yes, we will provide drinks and food at the end of the walk.

  • Will there be parking available?

    Yes, most venues will have parking available. Check your individual venue for clarification on where it is located.

  • Will there be toilet facilities?

    Yes, all venues will have toilets.

  • Where can I find out more information?

    All information can be found on our website http://dil.pieta.ie or, alternatively, on the Pieta House Facebook page or Facebook page of your chosen venue. Please keep an eye out as information will be updated all the time. If there is something specific you need to ask, and you can’t find it online, then feel free to email: comms@pieta.ie