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Darkness Into Light, proudly supported by Electric Ireland, is the absolute highlight of the Pieta House calendar!

With several hundred people joining us for our first event in Dublin's Phoenix Park eight years ago, to thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people across over 80 locations and four continents in May of last year, Darkness Into Light in aid of Pieta House, the centre for the prevention of suicide and self-harm, has grown beyond all expectations.

In 2009, the Phoenix Park saw the first of the yellow t-shirt clad people assembling at an unthinkable hour. There were about 400 people that fateful morning, all huddled together in the blackness and the cold, standing behind the starting line. Who would have guessed that seven years on, the little event we call Darkness Into Light would be the symbol of hope, the celebration of life that it is today?


With close to 110,000 participants last year, how could it get any bigger? But it has, and now Darkness Into Light is celebrated in excess of 110 venues in Ireland and much further afield. In addition, we are thrilled to once again have our sponsor Electric Ireland, the leading energy supplier in the country on board to this year's event is the best yet. 


Think about the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of remarkable people who attended last year. Think about how delicious it will be to collapse back into your warm bed later on that morning, knowing that you’ve done your good deed for the day, and your exercise for the week!


But ultimately, think about how Darkness Into Light is the flagship fundraising and awareness event for Pieta House, and without your support, we could not have helped so many people in suicidal distress and engaging in self-harm over the last nine years. 


Pieta House has nearly 180 staff and we've welcomed in excess of 22,000 people struggling in the shadows into our nine centres up and down the country since we first opened our doors a decade ago.