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Thank You

It's hard to know where to start when it comes to saying thanks to everyone who woke from their sleepy slumber in Ireland and around the world in the early hours of May 7th to walk from Darkness Into Light, supported by Electric Ireland.

Approximately 130,000 of you shared the light in spectacular fashion and to each and every one of you... THANK YOU!. Your incredible support and generosity of spirit means SO much to us and we'll be forever in your debt, forever humbled and overwhelmed for some time to come.

Darkness Into Light 2017 takes place on May 6th and the closing date for new venues to get involved is October 31st.

To view a gallery of images from this year’s incredible event please click here.


VENUES - Home Call to Action


Boasting an incredible 100 plus venues across Ireland and internationally this year, Darkness Into Light is closer than ever. Click here for a list of locations.